When it comes to product development, there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but the guys at Ace Product Design make it happen.
Being a complete novice in product design, I needed quite a bit of hand-holding through the process. Every step of the way was hassle free and personal, from our initial meeting, they took the time to understand my business, exact project requirements and guided me through the entire process from initial concept to manufacturing of the finished product.
I’ve worked on multiple projects with Anaru, Colin & Eddie over the last couple of years and can confidently say that these guys do amazing work. Each member of the team brings individual but complementary skills that underpin their comprehensive and thorough approach. Nothing is ever too hard, and their professional and courteous approach is greatly appreciated.
We continue to use their services to this day as our business and product line grows and takes on new dimensions.
— Cris Canet, Director - FA Wholesale Pty Ltd.
…a problem solver, ideas man and solution provider. Always approachable …excels in providing assistance and guidance.
…a professional, knowledgeable and thorough industrial designer who has uncommon design flair. Anaru has an acute understanding of mechanical design.
… his passion, lateral thinking and design experience have been instrumental in meeting project requirements.
His professionalism, honesty and integrity are characteristics that sum up the remarkable individual he is.
It is without hesitation that I recommend Anaru and his work.
…from design concept to production release his focus is on the product brief, the integrity of his design and the project timeline.
— Lynette Brown, Mechanical Draftsperson
… his attention to detail, ability to think outside the box and to come up with multiple solutions for problems are the mark of a proficient Engineer and Designer.
— Martin Potts, Mechanical Engineer
Eddie is a pleasure to work with, his attitude and enthusiasm is infective. He has the complete package of skills that is rare to find in the design market, being able to take complex products from beginning to end and always keeping the user at the forefront of his mind. His project management skills were enviable as he always delivered on time and on budget, working well with other departments and the global manufacturing network.
We had the good fortune to hire Eddie to support our team in the development of a project. Eddie was quick to get up to speed on the project and made an immediate positive impact.
We cut many months off the program development timeline and reduced the capital investment considerably by using Eddie’s expertise.
Several of the techniques and methodologies Eddie introduced us to, went on to become company standards and are still being utilized to this day.
Colin and I worked very closely on a couple of projects that came together very smoothly with the help of Colin’s experience, which helped negotiate some difficult engineering design obstacles. Colin has a strong work ethic and is willing to help get over any hurdles, large or small. It was a pleasure to work with Colin.
I could rely on Eddie to provide high quality, cost effect solutions that were well thought through and designed for high volume production. He was professional throughout this time. I have no hesitation in recommending Eddie and his work.